Seminars for 2016/17

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Dr Manuel BatschCPS, University of EssexOpen Seminar (Colchester Campus) 'The infantile prophecy - A description of memory through the prism of Freud’s clinic'15/03/201717:00Open Seminar
Dr Anne WorthingtonMiddlesex UniversityOpen Seminar (Colchester Campus) 'Being human/being queer: a Lacanian perspective on queer praxis' 22/02/201717:00Open Seminar
Peter Jenkins(Formerly of the University of Manchester)Open Seminar (Colchester Campus) 'The only way is ethics? Hegemony and risk in psychotherapy research.'01/02/201717:00Open Seminar
  Research methods course (Proficio)23/01/201709:00 
Professor Susan RowlandPacifica Graduate Institute, California, USA Open Seminar (Colchester Campus) ‘Dionysus and transdisciplinarity, or the role of imagination in research’ 07/12/201617:00Open Seminar
Giles Duley CTAR Lecture “I can only tell you what I see: Covering the refugee crisis”22/11/201617:30 
Elena Della RosaCPS, University of EssexOpen Seminar (Colchester Campus) 'Transference interpretations in short term psychotherapy with adolescents'16/11/201617:00Open Seminar
David MorganInstitute of Psychoanalysis‘When is it Acting Out not to be an Activist?’ 01/11/201617:00Open Seminar
Professor Stephen FroshBirkbeck, University of LondonOpen Seminar (Colchester Campus) ‘Political indifference: a response of resistance or denial?'26/10/201617:00Open Seminar
Richard Meier Open Seminar (Southend Campus) 'Too much world at once: failures in early containment, and their consequences, in the poetry of Robert Frost'21/10/201617:00Open Seminar

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