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Seminars for 2016/17

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Dr Panayiotis AndreouCyprus University of TechnologyFirms’ Market Orientation, Institutional Ownership and Crash Risk07/06/201714:00Essex Finance Centre
Dr Simon CarmelEssex Business SchoolTwo Moral Orders of Professionalism17/05/201712:00The Centre for Work, Organisation and Society
Professor Martin BrownUniversity of St. GallenBanking Crises, Bail-ins, and Depositor Confidence: Lessons From Cyprus17/05/201714:00Essex Finance Centre
Professor Marios ZachariadisUniversity of CyprusInflation Expectations and Monetary Policy Surprises16/05/201714:00Essex Finance Centre
Sophie Hales, Nancy Harding, Diane Keeble-Ramsey and Melissa Tyler Anglia Ruskin University, Essex Business School and University of Bradford Future directions for feminism in management and business schools30/03/201710:00The Centre for Work, Organisation and Society
Professor Max Schiraldi"Tor Vergata" University of RomeSupply Chain Management in Fashion-Luxury Industry: Scientific Approaches for Practical Solutions23/03/201709:30Management Science & Entrepreneurship Group
Professor Matthijs Bal University of LincolnA Theory of Workplace Dignity22/03/201713:00The Centre for Work, Organisation and Society
Professor Mark ClatworthyUniversity of BristolThe Perceived Usefulness of Financial Accounting Information: An Experimental Interview Study of Investment Professionals22/03/201714:00Essex Accounting Centre
Dr David Marques-IbanezEuropean Central BankWhatever it Takes: Cross-Border Spillovers of a Major Central Bank Intervention21/03/201714:00Essex Finance Centre
Professor Max Schiraldi"Tor Vergata" University of RomeKPIs and Maturity Models in Operations Management21/03/201711:30Management Science & Entrepreneurship Group

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