Study abroad options

The majority of our courses give you the chance to spend a term or year studying abroad. Study abroad is a fantastic opportunity which offers you:

  • the ability to present future employers with evidence of your capacity for inter-cultural understanding, self-reliance and independence
  • the chance to become immersed in another culture over a sustained period, getting to know a country and its people in a way that you can't as a tourist
  • a fresh perspective on the world and your academic discipline
  • a chance to experience a different educational system which develops different skills to those focused on in the UK

Your choice of destination

Study abroad is available at more than 150 partner institutions in 39 countries worldwide.

Essex is now a member of the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP). ISEP is a US based provider which offers students access to a wider exchange network comprising of over 200 participating universities globally.

This could offer students a wonderful opportunity to secure a place in the location that they desire.

Students are required to preference ISEP on their applications through the Essex Abroad office. Please consult the ISEP website or contact us for more information.

Study and internship programme

We have partnered with a variety of Universities to launch a new study exchange and internship programme run over two semesters. The first is spent studying a variety of modules and the second is spent working in a local company or within the University.

Language requirements

You don't have to be fluent in another language to study abroad. Many of our partner institutions offer modules in English. There is always the option to study the local language, either in extra-curricular language classes or even in for-credit modules.

Learning a language at Essex

There are also different ways you can learn a language at Essex. This will not only expand your options for studying and working abroad, it will increase your global and cultural awareness, give you confidence when going abroad and give you a competitive edge when you’re looking for a job.

Your options for learning a language at Essex include:

Funding your time abroad

We can help you find scholarships and funding to support you during your time abroad. With a small number of exceptions, you also won't have to pay tuition fees at your host university, making study abroad more affordable than you might have thought.

Supporting you

If you're considering study abroad, we can give you advice on whether it's right for you and where you can go. We'll help you organise your time abroad and prepare by providing pre-departure workshops and information sessions.

Contact us to find out more and start your journey.

Student profiles

Ami Udeshi

Our student profiles will tell you more about the experiences you can have with study abroad. Our students talk about the skills and confidence they gained and the impact their time abroad has had on their lives.


Students in a class

There's a wide range of scholarships and funding opportunities available to you if you're going abroad. We also offer help on budgeting for your time abroad. Study abroad can cost a lot less than you think.

How to apply

Group of students in a class

Find out more about your eligibility for study abroad and our information sessions which are held in the run-up to the application window. Help and support is available to you throughout the application process.


A city skyline

If you're going abroad, read our essential pre-departure information. From insurance to visas to travel safety, we'll tell you everything you need to know to make sure your time abroad runs smoothly.