Professorial Inaugural Lectures

Our Professorial Inaugural Lecture series celebrates excellence in research undertaken by our recently appointed professors.

Conducting internationally significant research means our lecturers always have their fingers on the pulse and academics at Essex are at the forefront of the latest research findings and emerging trends.

It’s a privilege to have leading global thinkers at our University and through this lecture series we are keen to share our very best research, to exchange ideas and inspire you. Our new professors will offer enlightening explanations on their own specialist subjects in areas such as law, sociology, politics, health and human sciences, psychology, philosophy, history, human rights, economics, mathematics and literature.

Upcoming lectures

Monday 24 April at 6pm: Are some children better protected than others?

man with two children

Professor Jackie Turton, Department of Sociology

There is little doubt that those involved in child protection are dedicated, assessing risk and preventing abuse the majority of the time. However, numerous scandals and enquiries about child sexual abuse and exploitation have exposed gaps in our system. This lecture considers some of the underlying factors creating barriers to protecting children.

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Monday 8 May at 6pm: Is there more to search than web search?

Professor Udo Kruschwitz, School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering

When talking about search, everybody thinks of Google. However, the search engine of your choice might turn out to be of little help when trying to find information on a website or identifying the right document within an enterprise search environment. Why is that? Professor Udo Kruschwitz will discuss some of the difficulties we all encounter with our online searches and outline ways to address them.

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