Professorial Inaugural Lectures

Our Professorial Inaugural Lecture series celebrates excellence in research undertaken by our recently appointed professors.

Conducting internationally significant research means our lecturers always have their fingers on the pulse and academics at Essex are at the forefront of the latest research findings and emerging trends.

It’s a privilege to have leading global thinkers at our University and through this lecture series we are keen to share our very best research, to exchange ideas and inspire you. Our new professors will offer enlightening explanations on their own specialist subjects in areas such as law, sociology, politics, health and human sciences, psychology, philosophy, history, human rights, economics, mathematics and literature.

Upcoming lectures

Monday 27 February at 6pm: A Tale of Two Referendums

Professor Rob Johns, Department of Government

The autonomy of going it alone or the security of a wider union? That choice faced voters in both the 2014 Scottish and the 2016 Brexit referendums. Professor Johns will look at fear, risk and the psychology of referendum voting to explain why Scots opted to stay while the UK is taking the plunge.

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Thursday 2 March at 6pm: Good oral health for all, for life. Is this possible?

Professor Phillip Cannell, School of Health and Human Sciences

We face many challenges in attempting to improve oral health within our diverse population, and in particular for those in society whose need is greatest.

In his Professorial Inaugural Lecture, Professor Phillip Cannell will consider several of the complexities associated with delivering better oral health for all, and how these could be addressed in the future.

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  • Venue: The Forum, Southend-on-Sea

Thursday 6 March at 6pm: How speedy stomata aids plant performance

Professor Tracy Lawson, School of Biological Sciences

Stomata are small pores on the leaf surface that regulate CO2 uptake for photosynthesis, plant water loss and evaporative cooling of the leaf. In her lecture Professor Tracy Lawson will examine the kinetics of stomatal responses and the impact on photosynthesis and plant water use, in particular in dynamic environmental conditions.

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  • Venue: Lakeside Theatre, Colchester Campus

Thursday 20 March at 6pm: Passion in Education, Passion in Research

Professor Anthony Vickers, School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering

Professor Vickers has a passion for education and research and the cross-linking between the two. Through engaging internationally on education, new approaches to degree course and module design and his research interests – Professor Vickers will discuss how following this passion supports the University of Essex’s twin commitment to excellence in education and excellence in research.

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  • Venue: Lakeside Theatre, Colchester Campus

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