Information for students

Documents and study guides

We provide important documents for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Please take time to familiarise yourself with the resources available.

Student support

If you have any pastoral or academic problems or questions, please consult your Personal Tutor:

If you have any queries relating to specific courses or modules, our staff administrative responsibilities list details the directors for each programme, and other staff roles within our department.

You can also approach our University's student support service for any help that you may need.

Student representation

We are keen to hear the views of our students. We offer formal mechanisms for student representation (the Staff-Student Liaison Committee and the Graduate School Liaison Committee), and also welcome informal feedback.

  • Student-Staff Liaison Committee

    Our Student-Staff Liaison Committee (Essex users only) provides a forum for course representatives and academic staff to discuss problems that arise in the Department: policy, improvements and so on.

  • Student representatives at departmental meetings

    One representative from each of the three undergraduate years and the two postgraduate cohorts attend the Departmental meetings (normally twice a term). The representatives are chosen from members of the Student-Staff Liaison Committee.

  • Student feedback

    In addition to the formal student representation described above, and the student assessment of modules, we always welcome the views of our students - both positive and negative - on all aspects of your academic experience. Feel free to see either the Director of Education, Graduate Director or the Head of Department during their consultation hours if there are matters you wish to discuss. During the later weeks of some modules you will be given the opportunity to complete a questionnaire. We encourage departing students to provide either verbal or written feedback on their time at Essex. Here are some of the changes we have incorporated recently ...

    You Said We Did!

    Find out here what action the Department has taken in response to student feedback
  • National Student Survey and Student Satisfaction Survey

    The National Student Survey (NSS) is a national survey of student experience completed by UK undergraduates in the spring term of their final year. The Student Satisfaction Survey (SSS) is our University's additional survey, based on the NSS, and normally completed by first and second year students in the spring term. The SSS is a slightly longer version of the NSS and allows students to make written comments.

    Departmental NSS and SSS reports

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