Learning and teaching

Our approach

We seek to build on our excellent reputation for the quality of student experience, while helping our students develop the skills they need for their future careers.

We include the development of relevant employability skills in degree programmes and are keen to help students gain work experience in their area of interest through internships, voluntary activity, group projects and increased links with regional business and creative industries.

At the end of their degrees, we hope our students will be creative and articulate individuals, who can go forth with confidence and style to have a real impact in their chosen profession.

Our strengths

International reputation

We are fortunate to provide a home for several internationally-recognised departments with scholars who have made the University of Essex renowned across a number of academic areas as diverse as European history, continental philosophy, Surrealism, Latin American cultures and creative writing.

Commitment to the Arts

Strong links with fantastic theatre and arts programmes on our campuses enrich the learning experience for students. 

Opportunities to study abroad

We value encouraging students to develop an international perspective during their studies and we sponsor a number of opportunities to study abroad in the United States, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Latin America, the Middle East and the European Union. 

Links across disciplines

The University of Essex has always promoted interdisciplinary approaches. As a faculty we aim to continue this tradition of encouraging students to gain a wider sense of the whole range of human achievement. This approach fosters productive collaboration and can create a new energy in unpredictable cross-disciplinary alliances as well as acting as a powerful stimulus to fresh thought.

Our graduates

We aim to help our students to become articulate, literate and cultured graduates who are valued by potential employers and will make an impact in their future roles.

Our graduates go on to a huge range of roles including teaching, the media, journalism, tourism, publishing, local government, voluntary agencies and research.

We have seen our graduates go on to jobs at leading cultural institutions and organisations including the British Museum, the National Gallery, the Victoria and Albert Museum, Tate Modern, the Royal Academy and The National Trust.

Studying at Essex has also given our students an excellent foundation to go on to pursue further vocational training in a range of fields such as administration, librarianship, finance and management.



See our news section to find out about the high-profile projects our academics and students are involved with plus the many public events and talks we organise.

Research and enterprise

Our academics are leading major research projects ranging from the art of Latin America through to the English Civil War and the issues surrounding mental capacity.

Learning and teaching

We seek to build on our excellent reputation for the quality of student experience, while helping our students develop the skills they need for the future.

Schools and departments

Our schools and departments cover a huge range of disciplines and we are committed to encouraging interdisciplinary approaches so our students see how subjects interconnect.