Meet our academics

At Essex we have a wealth of experienced and knowledgeable academic members of staff from all around the world. Excelling in international research means our students are taught, supported and supervised by world leaders in their fields.

Below is a sample of our academics, for more staff profiles please see the individual School and Department pages.

  • Dr Nilüfer Demirkan-Jones, Essex Pathways Department

    Nilüfer Demirkan-Jones

    Dr Nilüfer Demirkan-Jones has studied a BA, MA, MPhil and PhD in Linguistics. Nilüfer is the Graduate Director overseeing the Essex Pathway's graduate provision including Pre-Masters Diplomas and linked Linguistics courses MA TESOL, TEFL and CELTA.

    Nilufers’ interest areas include Teacher Education, learning strategies, (inter)cultural syllabus in language teaching and e-learning. Nilüfer is also responsible for managing CPD courses for international clients, including students, teachers and professionals in other disciplines.

  • Dr Christopher Land, Essex Business School

    Dr Christopher Land

    Dr Christopher Land is the Graduate Director (PGT) in Essex Business School and a Reader in Work and Organisation Studies. He joined Essex from Warwick Business School, where he taught for a number of years after completing his PhD there. Chris’ research and teaching interests range from work in branding and the creative industries, to social entrepreneurship, the labour theory of value and new age ethical organisations.

    Chris has written many research papers for internationally renowned academic journals as well as book chapters and reports. He has edited two textbooks and is regularly invited to speak at conferences and research colloquia around the world.

  • Dr Sanae Fujita, Human Rights Centre

    Dr Sanae Fujita

    Dr Sanae Fujita is an Associate and a part-time teacher in the Human Rights Centre and also a Visiting Researcher of Aoyama Gakuin University (AGU) in Tokyo, Japan.

    Sanae’s area of research is human rights and development, especially activities of International Financial Institutions and teaches her area of expertise regularly both in the UK and Japan. Sanae has been engaged in policy review of the Asian Development Bank, especially on its information disclosure and accountability.

  • Professor Simon Lucas, School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering

    Professor Simon Lucas

    Professor Simon Lucas teaches in the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering. Simon's main research interests are artificial intelligence and games, evolutionary computation and reinforcement learning and is a member of the Robotics Research Group and Intelligent Systems Research Group. Simon is the founding editor-in-chief of the IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and Games where he has published more than 160 peer-reviewed papers.

    Co-founding the IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games, Simon has played a major role as chair of many international conferences, including the IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation and Parallel Problem Solving From Nature. Simon has been an invited keynote or tutorial speaker at many international conferences including PPSN, IEEE CEC, IEEE CIG and ICGI and is currently principal investigator on the EPSRC Grant: UCT for Games and Beyond.

  • Dr Karen Hulme, School of Law

    Dr Karen Hulme

    Karen Hulme is a senior lecturer in the School of Law after joining as a Doctoral student in 1997. Karen had previously studied an LLB and Masters at the University of Nottingham specialising in public international law. Karen developed her interests in environmental law and the laws of war and was awarded a doctorate in 2002 for her thesis on the protection of the environment in times of armed conflict.

    Her book entitled, Worn Torn Environment: Interpreting the Legal Threshold won the American Society of International Law’s Francis Lieber Prize for 2004 for ‘outstanding scholarship in the field of the law of armed conflict’.

    Karen has taught public international law, international law of armed conflict, law of evidence, tort law, constitutional law, human rights and the environment. Karen is also founder and Director of the Essex Law Clinic – a pro-bono legal advice service which students can get involved in.

  • Dr Stefan Niemann, Department of Economics

    Dr Stefan Niemann

    Dr Stefan Niemann joined the Department of Economics in September 2007 from the University of Bonn and is the Graduate Director. Stefan’s main research interests are Macroeconomics and Public Finance and is currently working on models of optimal monetary and fiscal policy and firm dynamics.

    Stefan has published a variety of papers and textbooks including, Public debt, discretionary policy, and inflation persistence and A portrait of firm expansion and contraction channels.

  • Professor Florence Myles, Department of Language and Linguistics

    Professor Florence Myles

    Professor Florence Myles teaches in the Department of Language and Linguistics. Professor Myles has a PhD in Second Language Acquisition and directed many research projects funded by the ESRC, AHRC and the British Academy. Florence was President of the Association for French Language Studies (2003-7), and is currently President of EUROSLA (European Second Language Association).

    She was Editor of the Journal of French Language Studies (CUP) until 2012, and on the Editorial Board of Second Language Research, of Language Teaching, of the EUROSLA Yearbook, and of the Revue Française de Linguistique Appliquée. She is co-author of Second Language Learning Theories, now in its 3rd edition.