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Housed within our Social Science Research Centre, ESSEXLab is a state-of-the-art facility, running a range of interactive social science experiments. Taking part is a great way to help science and earn money at the same time, and our experiments are used to understand human attitudes, perceptions, decisions and behaviour, among other things. The lab team are always looking for participants to take part in experiments. Register now to join our participant database.

Experiments are all computer-based, typically lasting no more than 90 minutes. As a participant, we reward you with £5 - £50 per experiment. Actual payments vary for each experiment, but you're guaranteed £4 just for showing up at the lab.

Are you a researcher? Use ESSEXLab to conduct your experiments.

Take part in Psychology experiments

Any students interested in taking part in psychology experiments, and who might want to earn some extra money are welcome to sign up to our psychology volunteers mailing list to take part.

Current experiments