Essex Workshop on Development (EWOD)

Join us at our interdisciplinary Essex Workshop on Development (EWOD). Every month, faculty and PhD students across all our departments are joined by external practitioners to discuss current research on development from both an academic and a policy perspective.

Our workshops are open to everyone.

Upcoming workshops

  • More events are coming in Autumn.

Past workshops

Presenting your work

Does your research focus on issues of development? Do you need feedback on your research project from both the academic and policy side? All faculty members and PhD students at Essex can present their work at EWOD, as long as it focuses on issues of development, and they're willing to share a working manuscript with the EWOD group in advance of the workshop.

If you'd like to present, email us with the title and abstract of your topic. We'll be in touch with you to discuss further steps.

Aims of EWOD

  • Give scholars the opportunity to present their work and receive constructive feedback from an interdisciplinary audience.
  • Generate and strengthen interdepartmental ties.
  • Generate and strengthen necessary working links with the development practitioner community.
  • Create awareness of common research themes and impact opportunities that may lead to joint, interdisciplinary research projects in the future.

Contact us

If you have any questions, contact Florian Kern at or Thoko Kaime at