Big Data and Analytics Summer School

The Big Data and Analytics Summer School will be hosted by the Institute for Analytics and Data Science, 24 July to 4 August 2017.

The inaugural Big Data and Science Summer School was hosted by the Faculty of Science and Health at the University of Essex on 7 - 8 July 2014.


Some of our speakers have made their presentations available for download following the event.

The rapid and expanding provision of massive data sets, information, and technologies to interrogate these, is transforming the research landscape in science and health.

This information revolution is applicable to all areas of science, from environmental data, genomic and associated information in biological systems, imaging and real time measurements, through to health data, personalised medicine, financial and empirical data, and behavioural responses (data mining of the web, blogs, Twitter).

All these developments are coming about through a combination of new sources of information, and new developments in data handling, computing power and artificial intelligence, and these technologies will transform how science is carried out in the future. The importance of big data is recognised by the U.K. Government and funding council actions and policies.

Professor Graham Underwood, Executive Dean for the Faculty of Science and Health, commented:

‘You will have an opportunity to learn both from our experts in key areas of big data and data analytics, and internationally renowned external speakers. I look forward to welcoming you to this exciting event and hope you will enjoy the opportunity it provides to network and share ideas with other members of our research community at Essex.’

The University of Essex recently gained £5 million RCUK funding for a new Data Research Centre for Smart Analytics and is at the forefront of the UK’s Big Data network, and our new two-day summer school aims to equip all our final year postgraduate students with the skills you will need in your future careers, providing an understanding of the ‘big data’ landscape and exposure to developing and relevant areas outside your immediate discipline.

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