Business travel

Travel expenditure accounts for a significant proportion of the University’s expenditure and we're required to ensure that this money is disbursed in accordance with a policy and procedures aimed at fairness and good value for money.

The University has therefore appointed STA Travel as travel agents, selected through a competitive process, to enable the University to obtain the most favourable service and terms available, and have been subject to an extensive trial period with a number of departments.

The travel and expenses SharePoint site provides further information and guidance.

Travel authorisation

You’re required to follow your department/section requirements for notification of intention to travel and authorisation of expenditure. When booking travel you must ensure you have authorisation from the Budget Manager to proceed with the travel purchase.

Booking travel

We've recently changed supplier for business travel from Key Travel to STA Travel Limited for all travel except travel by train. You should continue to use Key Travel for all train travel bookings.

Making bookings through STA Travel

Find out more about STA Travel and gain access to both the online and offline booking and enquiry facility.

Train travel arrangements

Two options are available for booking train travel:

  • If you want to collect tickets from the machine situated in the Estates corridor (level 6) please use Key Travel for all train bookings.
  • If you do not need to use the machine to print tickets you can use STA.

Contact details

If you have any problems logging into the STA travel website to book travel online, please contact Online Support on 0333 321 3101 or .

If you have any other questions regarding STA travel bookings please contact Catherine Goward our STA account manager on 07765242472 or