We're creating knowledge together and leading the way for experimental social science.

Researchers come from all over the UK to use our state-of-the-art lab, benefiting from our large participant database and configurable environment.

Our researchers want to learn more about people's attitudes, behaviours and decisions, to make the world a better place.

Take part in our social science studies to create knowledge with us that influences thinking and policy. As a participant, we reward you with £5 - £50 per study and all we need from you are your opinions.

Are you ready to contribute to science? Join ESSEXLab.

Why we're great

Summer School

Three people around a computer

We offer two courses through the ESSEXLab Summer School. Researchers can learn more about doing experiments in the social sciences.

Conduct experiments

Booths in Essex Lab

ESSEXLab is available to all academic researchers to carry out social science experiments and non-experimental studies. Find out more about running an experiment.

How to find the lab

Outside of the ISER building, Colchester Campus

ESSEXLab is located in the Social Science Research Centre, across the walkway from Square 2 at our Colchester Campus. Not sure how to get there? Details of how to find us.